Over the years, it appears football has lost touch with its loving side. Those days are over now when there were players with unique locality to their profession with a single club, it seems more than a loving engagement that would have been fitting for Real Madrid legend Raul. Now Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs and Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard stay as present are the only dedicated players left, who associated themselves in their whole professional life to their famous club.Talking points: Records, returns and more from Reds' opening-day win - Liverpool  FC

In Football league news, Raul announced to leave the Madrid club. An icon at Real, no doubt the world famous Raul had been the symbol of the Real Madrid. It seems سرمایه گذاری مدیریت ثروت لیورپول  that football players need these clubs no more.

One of the residual romanticisms highlighted in the latest football news is the idea of a player’s total commitment to a specific club. Like other such ideals (sportsmanship, for example), this too, will pass. Football players are not inevitably hungry or heartless. However, their first blame is to themselves, their own vocation and aspirations, and as such they manage ‘whatever it takes’ to rendezvous those goals – occasionally at the cost of leaving behind their club.

There are numerous demonstrations of players dumping their associations to precede play with competitors, mostly to farther their career. There are various examples likewise Sol Campbell may be a traitor but it’s very improbable that he would have any Premierships with Tottenham. Alan Smith can assertion a Premiership medal and the respect of being loved by millions of followers – even though he is Judas to Leeds followers and there’s a good possibility that he destroyed his vocation by going to Manchester United.

Mostly there are players who are seeking such suitable opportunities of shuffling the clubs. In the long run it damages their credibility and professionalism, as more or less fans notoriously criticized such players who use to jump in this band vegan. No doubt fans get upset because most of the players leave clubs for their own ambition and financial reasons. Definitely it’s not a golden path to success but just a way of minting money.

But on the same time, different latest football news and football league news portrayed this image as the players are playing for themselves and have a right to go beyond those limits which could embark some restrains on their professional career or some other ambitions. Obviously these players want to win trophies, and if he’s good enough, he’ll be picked up by better clubs. So at the end of the day it’s all about him who plays in the ground, rather than who watch them on TV.

It’s not hard to imagine that what it looks like when a player is derived through his serious ambitions and other motivating forces which captures his mind. No doubt it’s not the club that people go and watch, but the hardworking players which are the most prominent figure of football or any other sports around the globe. then it sounds very cheap if some club or association takes the credit.

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